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4High quality service
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High quality service

Service philosophy:

In order to better serve the needs of users, do a good job guiding the use of timely after-sales service work, my company in the "all the pursuit of high quality, high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" the spirit. To "good service, reliable product quality" principle to the user to do the following commitments:
First, the product quality commitment

1, our company is committed to the demand side to provide the equipment is brand new, complete, not used.

2, in order to support the operation and maintenance of contract equipment, our company is committed to providing technical information complete, clear and correct.

3, the product has a professional testing personnel to detect, to ensure that the product of the indicators to meet the requirements of the demand side.

Second, the commitment to delivery

Our company to ensure that the products provided in accordance with the requirements of the time required to send the goods to the designated location, if your special requirements, to be completed ahead of schedule, our company can negotiate with the demand side to ensure timely meet the needs of demand side.

Third, the establishment of a reasonable sales service management system and system:

(A) pre-sale services. I set up a special company sales service agencies, commissioned by the professional and technical personnel to the site for installation and commissioning. During the installation and debugging process, our technical staff will be absolutely responsible for the equipment will be in strict accordance with the requirements of the program and the product of the factory technical specifications for scientific installation and commissioning. Such as the special circumstances need to be part of the installation of resentment changes, we negotiate with the user to solve. I will fully ensure that the installation and commissioning time and debugging. Such as natural or demand for human reasons need to delay, the two sides will be resolved through consultation. Commissioning standards: will be used by our company to specify the standard as the standard.

(B) the sale of services. In order to prevent the user from using improperly caused by unnecessary loss, in the process of using the product, our company will provide a detailed list of products according to the product manual, system manual and system maintenance instructions. The company will send relevant technical personnel to the grassroots level to the user the following technical guidance training: system use, system maintenance, equipment maintenance. To ensure the correct use of the product, allowing users to use security, rest assured.

(3) after-sales warranty service:

1. Warranty purpose: timely response, as soon as possible to solve, to ensure that use.

2. Warranty period: in the warranty period, free of all maintenance services costs; more than the warranty period, only to receive maintenance services used in the cost of materials, do not charge labor costs.

3. Warranty:

Users in the use of the process, if found to be unable to solve their own problems, can be directly by telephone, fax and other ways to get in touch with my company, our company will respond as soon as possible, within 24 hours to resume normal operation. In order to ensure shorter maintenance time, our company will be equipped with spare parts such as power supply, chip and so on.

In normal use, I am responsible for the quality of the equipment. If the product quality failure, our company will carry out free maintenance and replacement parts. During the warranty period, if the equipment is found to be in normal operation, the user should issue a detailed written report to the company indicating the specific situation of the problem.

4. After the project is completed, we will maintain the system for life, and constantly improve the system functions and software upgrades, for the need to increase the hardware, only charge the device costs.

5. After-sales service: regular maintenance, return visit, comments, improve the improvement.

Proofing service:

I offer the company free of charge proofing, on-site free proofing service.

After-sales service:

Service Process:

First, rapid response:

1, customer service experts to answer the customer phone, through the consultation failure, quickly determine the type of equipment failure, the company will inform the company after-sales technical engineers.
2, by the company after-sales technical engineers to determine the reasons for failure, by phone, mobile video to solve customer problems can not solve the problem, the customer can not solve the problem, technical staff will carry the relevant accessories, software, tools, within the specified time to reach the target Ground, troubleshooting.

Second, fill out the service report:

1, after-sales technical engineers to solve the problem, fill out the service report.

2, the service report to have the relevant person in charge of the customer confirmed, the end of the field service work.

Third, the fault tracking service: regular visits to customers, consult the operation of the equipment after troubleshooting, do a good job recording archive.

Agency policy support:

Investment analysis: to help you develop accurate investment analysis, submitted to you to invest in the overall budget and feasibility report.

Promotion plan: the development of your local marketing programs and pre-promotion planning program, so you have the battle.

Training support: According to the market operation, we will distribute to all levels of dealer brand CD-ROM, product manuals and other guidance text or electronic information. Held from time to time regional marketing business guidance, from time to time inter-regional experience exchange summit, to promote communication between dealers, learn from each other sales experience.

Advertising support: according to regional market needs, with well-known media publicity, and in the country's well-known television stations, newspapers, networks and so on.

Regional protection: the strict implementation of the district business district protection, agents enjoy the new market priority, renewal of priority.

Activities support: the company timely summary of dealers at all levels in the course of business experience in the typical sales activities, to provide you with details of the activities of the promotional activities, and to guide the activities.

Advocacy Material Support: The company will provide support for the promotion of materials at market operators at all levels.

Technical support: free technical upgrades, gallery upgrades and brand licensing.