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What are the advantages of flatbed printers?

What are the advantages of flatbed printers? Whether it is advertising industry, metal industry, tile background wall industry or other flat material industry, flatbed printers are more and more popular. Its many advantages, but also slowly by the market to recognize, more and more customers began to carry out a deeper understanding and use. Here in order to let everyone know more about flat-panel printer, will give an in-depth introduction to its advantages.

1, flatbed printer printing material widely

Flat-panel printer is called flat printer, because he is a material as long as the plane can print the machine equipment, so no matter what you do industry, as long as your material is flat, and less than 8cm, then Flatbed printer must be suitable for your printing. At the same time, this machine can print different materials at the same time, you can make your printing material is no longer limited.

2, flatbed printer printing low cost

We all know that there is no need to make screens, there is no cost of making screens, reducing the time and saving the printed material, reducing the cost of labor. So labor costs and raw material costs reduced a lot. At the same time, flat-panel printer's own printing costs are very low, the average format of a square meter only 5 yuan can be.

3, flatbed printer printing speed

Flat-panel printer uses Japanese Seiko original steel industrial grade nozzle, precision, speed, durability and stability are called world-class! Long life characteristics, color gamut extended to 8 colors, color reproduction impeccable, nozzle calibration easier , Bringing optimized print performance and speed. After continuous testing, flatbed printer can print 40 square meters per hour, how, speed is not very fast.

4, flat panel printer green, reduce pollution

No water, no sewage, flat-panel printer controlled by the computer, on-demand inkjet, neither waste nor waste water pollution, printing process does not produce noise. To achieve a pollution-free green production process.

5, flat panel printer rich color, clear and realistic image

Traditional screen printing more than 10 sets of color is very difficult, flat print color, whether it is full color pattern, gradient color printing are easy, fully able to achieve the effect of color photo level. Greatly expanded the product design space, enhance the product quality. Print patterns fine, rich and clear level, high artistic, three-dimensional sense of strong, and can print photography and painting style patterns.

6, flatbed printer can print relief

The use of white ink can print out the embossed effect of the image, so that the pattern of color rendering, but also allow designers to have more room to play, more importantly, the printing process is not trouble, and home printers, That is dry, is the ordinary production technology can not match.