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Home background wall printer where good

Home-made backdrop printer where? Our people have a feature that is to buy anything like to buy imports, that only imported products is the best quality, of course, machinery and equipment can not escape this tiger's mouth. But this is suitable for our familiar backdrop printer? We all know that the import of the backdrop printer price is very expensive, so it is recommended that you buy a backdrop printer or buy a domestic, which is why? Just because the domestic background wall printer price Cheap?

We know that the domestic background wall printer prices compared to the import of international brands a lot lower, it is because of the savings in imports. Buy the domestic backdrop printer is not just because it is cheaper than imports, there are several reasons:

1, the current domestic backdrop printer manufacturers to create backdrop printer accessories used in most of the original foreign imports, especially the nozzle and other important components is the most advanced technology abroad prevail. So although it is made, but in performance and function with the import of the backdrop printer flat, even better.

2, domestic background wall printer prices, although compared to imports of international brands a lot lower, but in terms of accuracy and stability is not bad, compared to foreign technology has improved, and the domestic backdrop printer operation is extremely simple, Get started quickly, is the best choice for pre-entry. And domestic backdrop printer, print color saturation full of realistic, ink compatibility better, you can choose their own ink.

3, domestic tile backdrop universal printer in order to make users more convenient, better to meet market demand, manufacturers in the design and development of adding a lot of additional features in the design more humane, more intimate. Domestic background wall printer in the two-way printing and Varnish printing has made a great breakthrough; the use of suction platform, easier feeding, can help the material more accurate positioning; use multiple multi-file optional UV lamp, to achieve that is dry.

4, the domestic backdrop printer manufacturers have a stable supplier of accessories, when the backdrop printer parts damage, you can provide original parts for replacement, and provide customers with technical support and complete after-sales service to ensure that the normal production, smooth money The

Backdrop printer as China's background wall printer industry well-known brands, has been to quality, quality and service to win, all imported original accessories, quality and stability by the market consistent welcome and trust. Hangzhou Kailai backdrop printer as a domestic brand and imported brands have the same quality, complete service, will be better to serve every customer.