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How to avoid flat-panel printer ink splashing on the skin

When using a flatbed printer, we need to add ink to the cartridge when the ink is low. But the operation will inevitably appear some small trouble, such as when we pour the ink when the accidentally splashed on the skin, and even get the eyes and other bodies more fragile organs. Or ink is the children get, mistakenly devoured by the children into a tragedy. How to properly use, place the ink, how to clean the ink splashed on the skin?

Inkjet flatbed printer ink the correct cleaning method, how to properly use, place the ink:

1, the ink stored in children can not reach the place to avoid children eating.

2, the ink on the shade of darkness to prevent ink deterioration.

3, in order to achieve better results and to prevent clogging the nozzle, the ink in the bottle after opening within 3 months after use.

How to clean the ink on the skin?

1, first with soap and water thoroughly washed, and then pour the disinfectant scrub, and then wash the liquid again, after repeated hand washing can gradually fade.

2, scrub with soap for 2 minutes, and then washed milk and 10% alcohol, and finally repeated with water repeatedly rubbed several times to eliminate.

3, with Aohao rice soup and wash with hand sanitizer, and finally repeated 2 to 3 times, you can bid farewell to the stains of ink.