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How to use the advertising printer to print two-dimensional code

How do I print a two-dimensional code with an ad printer? Now to do advertising printing processing customers will be in the ad above with a company's own two-dimensional code to achieve better promotion effect. But we all know that the two-dimensional code is a certain geometric graphics in accordance with certain laws in the plane (two-dimensional direction) distribution of black and white graphics data symbolic information, if the print quality is not likely to result in product quality Loss, so the quality of printing is the two-dimensional code printing companies one of the most concerned about the topic. So, advertising printer to print two-dimensional code in the process of special attention to what matters? The following by the mutual to tell you.

1, pay attention to the distance between the printed material and the nozzle

The distance between the material and the nozzle is usually about 2mm, but sometimes because of the printed material has a curvature, it is easy to cause the distance between the printed matter and the nozzle to change in the printing process, resulting in the bar code is broken, broken or scratching dirty phenomenon.

2, the material changes when the parameters of adjustment

For different printing production tasks, the substrate will have a corresponding change. When the current production of the substrate material is quite different, the metal trademark printer to test before mass production or experience to determine how to adjust the print resolution, nozzle temperature and other technical parameters to meet the large quantities of printing tasks.

3, to eliminate the lack of empty

Two-dimensional code after the empty, that the two-dimensional code of the last black bar on the right side of the blank, its main role is to prevent the other color block to the two-dimensional code scan interference. Usually in the design and plate making, many operators are often only concerned about the black bars, when the layout is not enough time to occupy the two-dimensional code after the empty, did not notice the two-dimensional code in the back is actually equally important, Two-dimensional code scrapped.

4, to avoid the combination of the wrong color

The current national standard is only listed in the empty color combination to meet the standard requirements, there is no specific talk about what can be used in the combination, which is not a combination of. In the actual production, for more difficult to grasp the combination, we can only honestly proofing, after testing no problem, can be mass production.