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UV flatbed inkjet printer and coil inkjet machine work in the odor

Customers who often use UV web printer and UV flatbed printer will find that there is some odor in our printing process using UV flatbed and UV web presses, and the worse the ink used is more Strong, this situation on the uv flatbed inkjet machine, there is no harm to the health, leaving a big question mark. Many customers who come into contact with the UV flatbed printer will say that the UV flatbed inkjet printer and the UV web printer will have an odor in the printing process and do not produce an odor that is not possible. What is the source of the odor? How to solve the situation? Here we talk about the source of these smell:

Source 1: equipment led ultraviolet light curing light in the light will produce a slight ozone, the taste is relatively light, and the amount of less, generally not smell; such as the heavier taste, then check the lamp is too high power, has been damaged, Can be.

Source 2: When the led light irradiation material, on the one hand the surface of the ink and the material produced a chemical reaction, the release of taste, on the other hand the heat will damage the surface of the material. A small amount of material affected will crack out the relevant chemical substances, resulting in irritating odor; according to actual needs, reduce the lamp irradiation power, or in the material surface to wipe a layer of coating.
Source three: UV ink product itself contains a certain smell and curing will produce some smell, generally within a reasonable range. If the odor is too strong, check whether the ink is out of date, whether it is poor, replace the new qualified ink can be.

Source 4: In the case of communication with the manufacturers, some users will be in the ink or material surface to add some additives and other accessories, these untreated liquid, may also produce irritating odor. Please do not arbitrarily with the debugging ink, coating and other supplies, to avoid damage to the equipment.

Source five: different materials of the substrate by the environmental impact, will crack out the relevant chemical substances, resulting in irritating odor.

It is noteworthy that, under normal circumstances, uv ink produced in the printing of the finished half an hour after the basic scattered net, 24 hours will not have a taste. The smell itself will be volatile quickly, will not stay long in the substrate surface, the actual operator only need to UV flatbed printer printing platform to maintain the distance of more than 2 meters, you can avoid the smell of ink to stimulate the technical staff You can print the finished material, placed in the ventilation room 4 hours to eliminate the smell.