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UV flat-panel inkjet opportunities appear floating ink and string color reasons

UV flatbed printer to print some of the material will appear burr, chaos, lines blurred phenomenon. After the technical staff of the investigation and analysis, confirmed that the customer equipment nozzle "floating ink" caused by the need to immediately stop the equipment production operation, the equipment reset the original point, and then detailed troubleshooting.

Cause one: nozzle disconnected

Solution: nozzle head will lead to nozzle disconnection, which in the printing process of a color ink spray amount is insufficient, showing that the flash, the line blurred. Carefully check the status of the nozzle, you can check the test by checking the situation. Such as the discovery of clogging, lines are not clear, intermittent, you need to clean the nozzle with a cleaning fluid inside, causing a variety of nozzle plugs for a variety of reasons, customers can clean 1-2 times the nozzle can be serious, then need to use alcohol Bubble after 24 hours, and then cleaned, you can eliminate hidden dangers.

Cause two: nozzle distance from the media is too high

May be the nozzle from the media surface is too high, resulting in ink droplets can not be sprayed along the line in the media surface, resulting in floating ink phenomenon, of course, print out the image will be chaos, burr, ghosting and other phenomena. Usually when the nozzle from the printed material more than 8cm when the phenomenon will appear floating ink, so when printing, please check the height, if you need to reduce the more than you can.

Cause three: nozzle voltage is too high

There may be caused by high voltage, uv flatbed printer nozzle with Toshiba CE4 nozzle, the working voltage requirements are more stringent, if the voltage is unstable or the voltage is too high, will inevitably lead to equipment can not function properly. Check the indicator light shows the voltage, whether the red light, alarm. If you find the nozzle of the voltage board there are other parts of the circuit, it means that the modified uv flatbed printer, talk lines together in the together, only through the replacement board to solve. If the conditions are limited, please provide the appropriate voltage regulator to ensure that the device voltage environment.

Cause 4: Electronic control system reasons

There are very few cases of UV flat panel machine control system, the electronic control system to control the pulse ignition spacing is unreasonable, the equipment running pulse impulse interference trajectory, resulting in the screen effect is not ideal. The electronic control system controls the iris pitch of the nozzle ignition irrationally. This factory design hardware structure is not standardized, the need to send technical staff to solve the factory.
UV flat-panel inkjet machine appear there are two reasons for the string, one is the nozzle oblique spray, the second is the circuit board problems.

First of all, we talk about the nozzle oblique spray solution. The nozzle appears oblique spray may be internal plug, and need to clean the nozzle inside to ensure the smooth flow of internal channels. If the nozzle is still oblique spray after cleaning, it is necessary to consider replacing the nozzle. Currently on the market using UV flat-panel nozzle is the fifth generation of oil-type nozzle, non-aqueous and other sprinklers, replace the nozzle, it is best to find the original manufacturers to buy, because their nozzle is the most suitable for the printer, and are original imported.

Followed by the circuit board is a problem. Because the circuit board appears oblique spray phenomenon is mainly concentrated in the modified universal flatbed printer, independent research and development of flatbed printer is not common. As the modified printer is used in the photo machine, printers and other equipment, circuit board, manufacturers in order to achieve UV printing process, the original circuit board will be a lot of external things, resulting in the UV plate machine is extremely unstable, the problem Strange, this situation suggested that users directly to manufacturers to solve. It can be seen, we buy the universal flatbed printer is best to find regular manufacturers, to buy their own research and development of the machine, so that the relative product technology to mature a lot.