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Universal printer modified equipment often problems

Universal printer is how to modify the market there are modified models of universal printer which is similar to such a modified equipment often what the problem, if you do not understand the user, it is easy to encounter such equipment, some manufacturers deceived, buy Poor equipment.

How is the universal printer modified:

There are some modified equipment on the market, small format is usually removed with epson printer, install a long printing platform, add a motor modified from. Large format of the modified equipment, usually take Wu Tuo's photo album, only to retain the nose, and then add a printing platform converted from.

What are the common universal printer models on the market?

A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 these formats are modified equipment, in addition to the model from the investigation, but also through a single head, platform lift, can not print white ink, can not be full format printing and other features to identify whether the modified machine.

Modification of the universal printer often problems:

1, print nozzles are often blocked

One reason: second-hand nozzle. Take someone else used before the nozzle, quickly reach the scrapped time or have been scrapped, after forced cleaning, installed on the device provided to the user.

Reason two: small workshop low-quality ink. Because there is no ink purification, filtration technology, resulting in excessive impurities, low purity, while the pigment in the ink less, print out the color is not saturated, not beautiful, to speed up the nozzle blockage.

2, circuit boards, nozzle board often burned

One reason: the modified motherboard, because the original device can not break the current control signal, resulting in instability of the voltage, when the high and low, will often burn the line.

Reason two: board is too small, poor quality.

The original equipment is a civilian type, the use of a small board, and now installed on top of a lot of hardware, resulting in heavy board load, the code is often error, resulting in burned.