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Uv flat panel printer maintenance and maintenance skills

A UV flat-panel inkjet machine, as few as tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands or even millions, so expensive to buy the machine is to buy it to prepare to make money, casually technology and people's level of life, people for the pursuit of the development of the United States More and more urgent, the previous one with the photo film is a trouble, the two is the use of weak solvent ink or water-based ink, taste big, not environmentally friendly, too troublesome, silk screen is also too much trouble, to plate, to Color, high cost, slow, and the color is relatively simple, no way for colorful colorful pictures. And direct use of UV flatbed inkjet machine, convenient, a molding, environmental protection, but the UV flat-panel inkjet machine is also more expensive than the average machine, so expensive things how to do something wrong, durable, let's explain to you :

1, to ensure that uv flat panel printer cleaning the surrounding environment. Working environment, too much dust, easy to lead to bad guide shaft lubrication, so that the printing nozzle in the printing process of moving blocked, causing the inkjet location is not accurate or impact mechanical frame damage and crash. When the print head does not return to the initial position and reboot, the printer will first let the print head back to the initial position, and then will clean the nozzle operation, it will cause unnecessary waste of ink. The solution to this problem is to always wipe the dust on the guide shaft and lubricate the guide shaft.

2, must ensure that uv flatbed inkjet machine has a solid working platform, do not put any items in the top of the uv flatbed printer. The inkjet machine must close its front cover at work to prevent dust from entering the machine or other hard objects that impede the movement of the printer. Do not plug the printer cable, this will damage the inkjet printer and the parallel port PC, serious and even damage the PC's motherboard. If the printout is not clear, the inkjet printer can be used to clean the nozzle, but to consume a small amount of ink. If the print is still unsatisfactory after several times of cleaning, the ink may be used up and the cartridge needs to be replaced.

3, before the shutdown, so that the print head back to the initial position (inkjet machine in the suspended state, the print head automatically return to the initial position). This is to avoid the next boot when the inkjet printer to re-clean the nozzle operation waste ink, and second, because the nozzle in the initial position can be sealed by the protective cover, so that the nozzle is not easy to plug.

4, the cartridge should not be used in the long-term should be placed at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight. Because in this environment the ink evaporates very quickly, it is easy to cause nozzle clogging. Also in the low temperature and humidity environment, print the nozzle circuit and ink are easy problems.

5, the cartridge must be in accordance with the steps in the operating manual, with particular attention to the power to open the state of the operation. As the ink cartridge is replaced, the inkjet printer will fill the ink delivery system, and this process will not be able to proceed in the shutdown state, the printer can not detect the re-installed on the cartridge. In addition, some inkjet machine on the ink capacity is measured using the electronic counter inside the inkjet machine (especially in the use of color ink statistics), when the counter reaches a certain value, the inkjet machine to determine the ink exhausted. In the ink cartridge replacement process, the inkjet printer will be its internal electronic counter reset, to confirm the installation of a new cartridge.

6, in addition uv inkjet machine grating, but also to do a good job, do not touch by hand, do not let it dust, to prevent positioning are not allowed.

Do the above, you can guarantee the machine in the work and use of a long time no problem, so at full capacity to produce more profits for me and more on the machine after the reliable and solid protection!