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Operation UV inkjet machine often encounter problems and solutions

One, all the nozzle is not ink:

1. 26P line (can not be inserted) and the nozzle data cable connection is normal; re-connected; can nozzle signal normal data cable connected to the ink jet nozzle to see if the nozzle is damaged, if normal is the nozzle plate , Replace the nozzle board test.

2. Nozzle board is not energized, 5V and 35V lights do not light, detection of 7.5V relay, failure to be replaced; detection of 5V and 35V voltage (too low will not ink) is normal, adjust the voltage.

3. The connection between the nozzle control board and the float switch and the large board is normal and reconnected.

4. Check the motherboard power insurance and ink supply board insurance.

Second, a single not ink

1. Check the float switch, 16-core line is broken, if the normal detection of the nozzle data line, 26P line, SCSI cable is broken or corrosion damage, re-connection or replacement.

2. The solenoid valve is blocked due to insufficient ink supply, replace the solenoid valve.

3. Check the ink pump is damaged, if the normal detection of ink supply plate 4. Spray nozzle damage, inkjet when the nozzle is not ink.

▲ nozzle membrane damage or fall off, check the nozzle surface color, such as white is that the nozzle film has been off, replace the nozzle.

▲ nozzle was ink block, with a syringe to the nozzle injection of cleaning fluid, such as nozzle nozzle no cleaning fluid, then the nozzle has been blocked ink, replace the nozzle.

▲ nozzle internal circuit damage; whether it has been charged plug adapter board, whether the nozzle signal on the mouth of the liquid, resulting in short circuit circuit.

▲ long-term use of dust, ink accumulation in the circuit board, encountered wet air after the circuit board short-circuit nozzle has been to life, natural damage.

▲ a color for more than ink, remove all the lines connected to the ink board, power to see if it is still ink, such as ink is damaged, replace the ink plate nozzle has reached its life, natural damage garbled.

Third, blocking ink, broken ink

1. Adjust the cartridge height position.

2. Reconnect the ground wire.

3. Increase the humidity to more than 50%.

4. Cleaning the nozzle and ink tube.

5. Low temperature, improve the preheating temperature of 2 degrees.

6. Regularly clean the residue in the ink tank.

Four drops of ink

1. Adjust the cartridge position and lower the level (move the float down).

2. The nozzle surface has impurities, clean nozzle.

3. Part of the nozzle film off, replace the nozzle.

4. Static electricity is too large to detect the power supply between the zero line and the ground voltage is about 1V, re-connect the ground.

Fifth, the grating is not inkjet

1. With the internal encoder can print, detect the raster decoder and 18P line.

2. Replace the pixel board and the nozzle plate except for the above and in the case where both the software and the scrambler are normal.

Sixth, the picture in the horizontal direction out of the law of the depth of the road

Deep road for one or half of the width of the nozzle, the difference between the different inkjet ink, print the block file and use 1PASS, to observe whether there is a difference in the amount of ink nozzle, and other nozzle exchange position in the vertical direction of the project stripe.

1. Sprinkler in use after a period of time with the device resonance, can choose to exchange with other nozzles.

2. Horizontal rail vibration is too large, maintenance of clean rails and sliders.

7, CMYK in a vertical color in the vertical or downward shift

1. Leave the signal line on the color nozzle only one, and remove all the other nozzles (including the one on the nozzle control panel), and then spray it to see if the fault disappears. If the phenomenon disappears, then unplug the signal line of the nozzle, and then plug in the color of the other nozzle signal line, and then spray the painting, and so on, until the fault occurs, then the color of the nozzle or its signal Line fault, change can be.

2. Exchange other nozzles or signal lines to determine whether the nozzle or the nozzle signal line failure.

3. When detecting and changing the nozzle. Be sure not to plug the nozzle signal.

4. Adjust the software Y-axis stepping parameters.

Eight, ink pump is not ink

1. The motor on the pump is rotating and there is a sound, and the cam on the pump is stuck and the ink is replaced.

2. The new pump is not the first time, the pump on the one-way valve with air or impurities, from the pump into the ink into the pump into a needle tube ink.

Nine, the car in the running suddenly stopped

1. Poor movement of the control panel, replace the other PCI slots.

2. 24V voltage input on the terminal board is unstable, adjust the potentiometer of the DC power supply to make the output voltage between 23.8-24.2. When adjusting the voltage, please turn off the power of the device and unplug the data cable of all the nozzles.

3. SCSI line bad contact, reconnect.

Ten, open when the car to the left crash

1. The zero switch or its connection is damaged and replaced.

Eleven, car noise

1. Clean the track, the slider, the copper sleeve.

12, open when the car to the right driving

1. The server code line interface is bad and reconnected.

2. The server is coding incorrectly.

3. Board failure, multiple occurrences of motion control board failure.

Thirteen, the cartoon carriage in the inkjet when the jitter, print noise, playing with twill

1, Y motor position is not correct, Y motor belt is too loose, adjustable Y-axis motor position and belt elastic.

2, add appropriate amount of lubricating oil on the rail. Adjust the height of the white wheel after the car, clean the rails debris.

3, the motor is damaged, and the motor accessories are damaged.

4, rinse the nozzle.

Fourteen, after the boot jogging jitter forward, and to the left when the crash, or jet car in the machine the right side of the boot car slowly moving to the left side of the machine after the crash

1, check the rasterizer and nozzle control panel is connected firmly, if not firmly into the tight.

2, check the raster position is correct.

3, the raster encoder is damaged.

4, the motor is damaged.