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UV machine for new nozzle precautions - to enjoy UV flatbed printing

In the process of using our UV flatbed printer, if the nozzle is not properly maintained will cause the nozzle permanent plug and so on, then we need to let the manufacturers send a new nozzle over the replacement, but in the process of how we need to replace the talent So that the nozzle quickly adapt to the machine and use it smoothly? Today let each other to tell you how to get a new nozzle how to deal with.

The first point

In the outer packaging and nozzle in good condition, open the nozzle film non-woven fabrics, and then use your own cleaning fluid washed the nozzle, and then a small box down a little bit of cleaning solution soak for a while. Cleaning fluid should not be too much, do not exceed the nozzle under the metal cover. Or easily lead to the nozzle circuit into the cleaning fluid burner. Why do you stress to use your cleaning solution soaked here? Because in the transport on the way, some time is relatively long, resulting in a little dry nozzle, and because the maintenance company with the cleaning fluid with your cleaning solution should be different, so I suggest you soak for a while.

Second point

The nozzle through the soaking at the same time, you want to clean the corresponding inkjet printer ink tube, comb clean, do not let the existing impurities again into the maintenance of the nozzle inside, so quickly and easily lead to plug, so be sure to pay attention Observe that there is no need for repeated clogging.

The third point

Before installing the machine must be dry plug, or on the machine easy to burn nozzle. Repair the company after the repair and then will certainly be packaged with professional equipment to your nozzle dry. But after you receive the nozzle, after soaking or it is necessary to blow the plug again, this thing burning a price is not low, so do a few times to prevent is necessary. (Repair nozzle before there are many customers sloppy effect, the cleaning fluid are to get the plug, which is very dangerous, please be careful!)

fourth point

Some customers do all the above, but the test strip or feel the effect is not obvious, this is why? Is not repaired? actually not. Many nozzles just on the machine did not feel the effect of the test strip, but with the nozzle to adapt to the changing environment, including voltage, temperature, PAS adjustment, and ultimately will let you see very good results. You can try to play, see before the ink can not play a long map has been resolved; look at the ink before the drop of a drop of non-smooth situation, whether it has become mist or water column.