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UV flatbed printer sprayed with varnish solution

UV flatbed printer print color pattern is completed, in order to achieve a special highlight effect or extend the shelf life, you need to use the varnish. Varnish is a special post-processing process, it has decorative printed matter, so that printed objects surface smooth, to prevent the pattern fade, to provide protective layer protection items, improve water, weather resistance, scratch resistance and other applicability. You can use the uv flatbed printer nozzle for spraying, you can also use a special spray gun or coating machine for spraying. Varnish if used improperly, there will be bubbles, dissolved and so on, what is the solution to this situation?

In view of the above reasons for a variety of blistering, UV flatbed printer blistering solution has the following:

1, usually keep the paint properly, to prevent mixed with water;

2, pay attention to adjust the deployment ratio, the ratio between the deployment of each varnish is different, in strict accordance with the UV printer manufacturers to provide the steps and the proportion of requirements to operate the deployment;

3, for rough print items, increase the use of varnish;

4, the use of UV flatbed printer spray varnish, carefully clean the surface of printed items, do not have impurities;

5, adjust the control of good environmental humidity, preferably between 25% -80%;

6, adjust the control of the indoor temperature, preferably between 20 ° -40 °.