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Guangdong HooEnjoy Culture Technology Co., Ltd.
400 tel:400-900-2513
address:G101, Luyi International Space Station, No. 15 Changping International Innovation Port, Mudu Village, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Mobile :13649885777 / Mr Fung
4Success case
Enjoy the three-dimensional puzzle application of the wonderful uv flatbed printer
  Dongguan each enjoy the wonderful cultural Technology Co., Ltd. R & D and production uv printer for many years, is the use of Ricoh nozzle technology manufacturers in the full version of Varnish and the Department of Varnish, as well as crystal painting far ahead of industry rivals. Here we briefly introduce, enjoy uv flatbed printer in the puzzle on the successful application of -------- printing color patterns, LOGO and text.
  Dongguan electronic commerce company is a listed company, the products for all kinds of acrylic plate, metal plate, outdoor signs production, the products are sold to the Americas and European markets, the product is not only applicable to children, adults also sought after good. As the puzzle material for high-strength resin, each piece of the thickness of about three centimeters, there are different or irregular concave, and the surface color is complex. The existing printing methods, whether silk screen, or printing technology can not meet the requirements.
  Dongguan electronic commerce company in the attempt of different home peer products, we chose to enjoy the UV flatbed printer. This way to help e-commerce companies to solve the production efficiency is low, high scrap rate, the cost of several major difficulties. E-commerce company executives to my company site visits, bringing the sample site operation, the conclusion is: the efficiency of sharing uv flatbed printer is 20 times the existing way, the picture is more impeccable. The head of the business company decided to purchase one for quality and stability testing, three times a week after the purchase of three, and at the same time the product recommended to the e-commerce company's other subsidiaries and business units.