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   May 3, 2017, I Division in the conference room to hold all the staff monthly work summary meeting. Mr. Feng Gang, General Manager of our company, listened to the meeting and guided the direction of work in May.
  At the meeting, the department heads in the April work summary report. The report analyzed the problems in the work, and based on the April target to achieve the situation and the problems in the work of the May work to do a detailed arrangements for the deployment.

Sales director maggie for work report

Liu Hui, director of production for the work report

Xu Yue, director of the sale of the work report

Director of Engineering Zhu Jun to work report
  After listening to the work of the department in charge of the report, the general manager of our company Mr. Feng Gang summary of the meeting. The meeting pointed out: to firmly grasp the overall situation of the company to enhance the quality of enterprises. Encourage employees to "dare to be the first", have the courage to challenge the difficulties in the work, perseverance, to ensure that the realization of business goals in May. Participants in a serious and responsible attitude, starting from the company's actual situation, speak their minds, words and suggestions, the common plan of the company's future.
  The meeting also selected the outstanding group in April, outstanding staff, commended them, affirmed their work, called on them to learn from them, emphasizing the staff to find their own position, to find their own responsibilities. Enhance the positive energy of enterprises, eliminate negative energy. The meeting also stressed the cohesion of the enterprise. The development of a business can not be separated from the individual, individuals can not do without the collective assistance. Organize employees birthday blessing activities to enhance corporate cohesion. With the collective strength to meet the next difficulties and challenges.

Excellent group and excellent staff awards pictures

Employee birthday wish pictures
  The meeting, always run through the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic, filled with a strong atmosphere of democracy, which is a united democracy, brainstorming of the meeting, will guide and encourage employees to tenacious struggle, firm and persistent spirit, to create a more brilliant company Of tomorrow.