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Dongguan HooEnjoy Culture Technology Co., Ltd.
400 tel:400-900-2513
address:G101, Luyi International Space Station, No. 15 Changping International Innovation Port, Mudu Village, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Mobile :13649885777 / Mr Fung

Successfully ordered and installed HE2513UV flatbed printer

  In the customer large manufacturing center office customer leadership and our company leaders photo

  We share the wonderful team in front of the customer company photo

  Both technical teams are installing HE2513 models of UV flatbed printing equipment

  The technical engineer team is debugging HE2513 models of UV flatbed printing equipment

  HE2513 model UV flat screen printing equipment is officially commissioned to complete, print out

  Our customers are very professional, in the printing industry for 50 years, our understanding of the machine thoroughly, both from the appearance of the structure to the internal details and technical advantages, have been verified one by one, unanimously through their   approval. Buy by my company HE2513 UV flatbed inkjet machine equipment, and I am very satisfied with the Secretary of the machine.
  This year the use of our company HE2513 UV flatbed printer printing products sold continued hot, customers recently plans to add new machines.
  We deeply feel the spirit of service and teamwork is the most important part of sales, we are a whole, a big family.
  And every guest of the cooperation will be our lifelong business partners, and even lead us to a higher direction of the development of business mentor
  grateful to you!
  In this beautiful and special day, we also solemnly invite the majority of the industry friends, come here on the 26th of this month (May 26, 2017) is about to grand opening of the General Assembly, then we will have a unique and most exciting industry Analysis, market trends, and your industry-related technology and other professional and technical solutions in-depth discussion, so you have a full grasp of market opportunities, which will be a far-reaching, never miss the industry business conference, will also be You bring a qualitative leap in business!
Continue to create new value, to maximize the need to meet the needs of corporate marketing strategy is our shared group of wonderful efforts to work together, new and old friends, meet with us, we sincerely invite you to visit the meeting, let us work together for a total of 2017!